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Urban League Cites Need For Opportunity

JET Magazine August 26, 2002

Tim Reid discusses the plight of Blacks in entertainment on both sides of the camera during a panel for young professionals


Staged for Success

MARKEE Magazine April 2001 - Cover Story

"Opening a new studio is an interesting proposition these days, to put it mildly. Today's studio executives have to be concerned not only about the massive expense and demand in a given market but also the ever-looming specter of Canada with its tax incentives and favorable exchange rate that have severly impacted the US production industry in recent years." (more...)


2001: A Movie Studio

bfm Magazine Spring 2001

"Five years ago, I had the good pleasure of hearing Tim Reid’s dream of building a movie studio in the tradition of the Johnson Brothers’ Lincoln Pictures in Los Angeles and the world-renowned Oscar Micheaux Film Corporation. Eighteen months after that conversation, we found ourselves in the outskirts of historic Petersburg, Virginia, a town known for its pivotal role in the American Civil War. The creative mind of Tim Reid has taken what was thought to be an impossible dream and created a vibrant studio just a two hours’ drive south of Washington, D.C." (more...)

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